Opportunités d’investissement

Le Conseil Présidentiel pour l’Investissement

Investment opportunities in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso offers enormous investment opportunities to international actors in the business world in general and private investment in particular.

More than potential in Resources, these are Investment opportunities in their economic sense:

  • Because these potentialities are widely identified and have been the subject of more or less advanced evaluation
  • Because these potentialities are now part of a business environment that has been made sustainably healthy and favorable to investment and has been accompanied by relevant sectoral and thematic policies
  • And finally, because they are surrounded by an effective reception and support system for investors, which is being put in place.

To capitalize on these opportunities, Burkina Faso has adopted a new development policy aimed at making agriculture, agro-industry, human resources, services and other related activities, the essential pillars of its growth.

He intends to do this:

  • develop, around urban centers or localities with high specific potential, poles of growth and competitiveness, in particular:
    • predominantly agro-pastoral centers;
      predominantly industrial and technological poles;
    • service centers;
    • predominantly mining poles;
  • skill centers based on high quality human resources.
    strengthen the logistical support for growth and competitiveness poles;
  • create special economic zones.


The investment opportunities by sector, by branch and by sector are:

  • Numerous in many sectors of the economy;
  • In many fields of activity: Primary production and processing of products from the agricultural and mining sectors; service sector, Energy, ICT, Transport.
  • In the revolution in favor of private investment that Burkina is undertaking, two main vectors will serve as support in terms of economic policies and strategies.
  • The first is his choice of the growth poles approach as an integrated mode of organization of the production of goods and services in the agricultural sector. Growth poles provide an organized and secure space from the point of view of land rights and water control.
  • It is also a question of its choice to implement in all circumstances, the principle of Public Private Partnership which makes it possible to broaden the scope of intervention of the private sector and to take advantage of its technical, financial and managerial capacities of these operators.
  • In the competition between countries to attract international investment, Burkina has a clear comparative advantage.