The Organisation

The Presidential Council for Investment


Operationally, the PCI is divided into several thematic working groups. The choice of these themes depends on the importance and urgency of the major investment climate issues facing Burkina.
The five (5) Working Groups are:

  1. Working Group I: Legal, Regulatory Framework and Investment Promotion Policies:
  • Justice and contract enforcement;
  • Protection of investments;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Communication strategy;
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Attraction Strategy.
  1. Working Group II: Investment Financing:
  • Strengthening banking and financial intermediation, new channels of research and mobilization of financing;
  • Strengthening the potential of mobilizable financial resources;
  • Reducing the cost of credit and giving Smes access to bank credit;
  • The securing of credit.
  1. Working Group III: Taxation, SME/SMI support policies:
  • Facilitation of tax payments;
  • Special investment incentive schemes;
  • The tax regime for the mining sector;
  • The tax system for agro-industrial sectors;
  • Support, promotion and incentives for Smes/Smis.
  1. Working Group IV: Factors of production:
  • Basic infrastructure: water, roads, transport;
  • The energy issue;
  • The problem of infrastructure financing in general and public/private partnership in particular;
  • Labour productivity: vocational training and apprenticeship, performance and efficiency of public administrations;
  • ICT (information and communication technologies).
  1. Working group V: structuring programmes, poles of development:
  • Industrial areas;
  • Regional poles of excellence;
  • Special economic zones;
  • Female entrepreneurship.